Tranquility tiny homes is a small, family owned and operated, tiny house business. It had been a dream of Cyrus Koehn's for quite sometime. Cyrus, known as Cy, enjoys intricate craftsmanship and puts much thought and time into design that sets his finished product apart from the norm. He is an excellent woodworker and has been doing construction for over 12 years as well as a loving father of 7 children and his loving wife, Violet. Cy and Vi have spent 25 happy years together. The last 12 years has been in Farwell TX, after they got back from spending 7 years in Haiti as Christian missionaries. Darren Byler, married their oldest daughter, Sara, in 2013. They now reside in Pierce CO. Having a desire to grow businesses, I, Darren had caught wind of Cy's desire to build Tiny Homes. It interested me greatly so together we began to pursue Cy's dream! After some encouragement and support to Cy, we ordered our first trailer from Trailer Made Trailers out of Denver,CO, about hour south of our residence. We firmly believe that your tiny house is only as good as your foundation. At Trailer Made Trailers, they fully understand that and have designed and build the best trailer on the market.Together we built our first tiny house shell in TX. Upon completion of the shell, it was advertised around TX and NM for a time including a home and garden show. It soon became apparent that it was time to move it to Colorado. So the trip was made and we began to market it in CO. A lot of interest was shown. We were asked to take it to a show which they gladly accepted! The interest was incredible. Many comments on the open floor plans and windows. Also the steel framing was a huge hit. So after our first show with our tiny house shell, we sold it to a friendly lady who has become a part of our family. We strive to make a personal connection with our clients. We have changed things on the tiny house and will be finishing out the entire tiny home just the way she wants it! We can do anything you like. The only thing restricting us is your imagination and budget. We don't have set floor plans or models. Bring us what you like and we can do it. Since then we have went to another show with it in Littleton CO and more and stronger interest was shown. It was at that show that we were chosen as 'builder of the month'! We feel so overwhelmed by this! It is a huge stepping stone for us to be recognized like this. At that show we also purchased our second tiny house trailer and steel frame. We look forward to finishing it out with a unique interior. We want to bring you a tiny house that makes you 'wow!'. We also have another client that has agreed to purchase a 24' Tiny House through us! We are so excited to see the business grow. Although it is growing, one of our biggest goals is to have a personal connection with the client and to give them the options and support that they need to build THEIR tiny dream house. Cy does not want a big business with lots of employees. Staying smaller gives us the advantage of the one on one that we all love. Everyone needs to feel important and special. So far our clients have been local to the Northern Colorado area but we will be glad to build for anyone anywhere! We also are partners with a transport company that gives us a prime opportunity to deliver all over the front range or United States! We want to be your one stop shop. We can build you a completed tiny house or build you a shell that you can finish with your own personal touch! Remember, we are 💯% custom! Nothing is standard about custom. Another thing that we at Tranquility Tiny Homes see as important is that we understand that housing is getting unreasonable to afford and young families and anyone who is trying to get by with less can't afford them! We strive to build a premium product at a reasonable price. We want to help those that don't have the big bank accounts into a house! We pride ourselves in having lower prices on our tiny homes. We know we could go up but then we lose our goal. We are here to help.

Our Story